Monday, October 4, 2010

Outlive Your Life

After reading You Were Made to Make a Difference, I went ahead and requested this book from Thomas Nelson’s Book Sneeze program – and I’m so glad I did.
This book – Outlive Your Life, by Max Lucado - is absolutely fantastic. It drilled into my head and heart that not only can we make a difference in the world, but that if we aren’t, then we aren’t fully living.
Service is a large part of my life, but it can become a drudgery at times – doing it out of habit, not out of love. This book reignited a fire in my heart to do more – to strive for more than just the little that I can do in my immediate surroundings.
It’s easy to clam up in our little shells and avoid seeing the need around us. It’s more comfortable not to deal with the problems in the world. There are hundreds of excuses that we can use to avoid the difficulties of stepping out to make a difference. This book blasts those excuses to bits and proves – time and again – that no matter who you are, no matter what your circumstances, no matter what your excuses may be, you can change the world.
If you’re considering buying this book – DO IT. If more people read this book and started living the principles, this world would be a better place.